The Swamp Stomp String Band

LIVE MUSIC: The Swamp Stomp String Band


The Swamp Stomp String Band are not your average Americana band. Twangy Banjos, driving Guitars and a thudding Double Bass sit behind drinking songs that will have the room stomping their feet and shooting tequila to ballads that will break even the most toughest folk, to ragtime songs of bar fights and gambling.

Taking a mixture of Jazz, Country, Swing, Blues and Ragtime – it is safe to say their music is there to be enjoyed by people young and old, rich or poor, or who just love to stamp their feet and have a ho-down.

The London based duo can often be found busking by the side of Thames in the day and performing in high end cocktails joints to dimly lit dive bars at night… and all the way to our little bar in Bowes Park!

Have a listen on their facebook page by CLICKING HERE

Book a table for dinner and listen to some great FREE live music on Saturday 16th June at 8pm.

info@thestep.co.uk 020 3302 2412

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