Plastic Straws

The Last Straw


We care about the environment at The Step, so we try not to use plastic straws in our drinks.

When we do use straws we use Vegware compostable straws instead of nasty plastic ones. This way we know that none of our waste will end up a turtle’s nose or a whale’s tummy because that would just be mean and unnecessary!

Our other waste is a bit of a nightmare as we don’t have big bin space out front, so we use Veolia’s commercial bag service. It’s very expensive and we’d prefer a more effective system but we believe in recycling so we think it’s worth it.

We also work with a lovely couple at the local allotment who take our fresh food scraps and coffee grains each week and Fresh n Fruity our veg supplier take all their boxes back for recycling too, which is a massive help.

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